Personal Coaching


Our in-house ELC Ubon personal coach will help you elevate your self worth and guide you through obstacles in your life that are holding you back from creating a life you want to live.


English Language Center Ubon offers well respected career and advancement coaching. Our coach will assist you with career direction, personal advancement and development. Helping you build the confidence to meet and exceed your career and life goals.


ELC Ubon has a confidence coach. This course will empower you to creatively and productively overcome life challenges, self doubt and perceptions. Helping you gain a wholesome meaningfulness to life.

Medical Ailments

ELC is passionate about supporting the community in which we all love and respect. Which is why in 2021 we have now introduced a medical aliments coach. This course is designed to help you improve your overall health through lifestyle adaptations and changes. Helping you become the best kind of you.